NAKA Goes Live: A New Era of Non-Custodial Payment Cards


NAKA Goes Live: A New Era of Non-Custodial Payment Cards

The First Non-custodial Payment Card Fully Compatible with Traditional Payment Infrastructure

In a groundbreaking development that is poised to change the way we interact with our money, NAKA has unveiled its pioneering blockchain-based payment system and the revolutionary NAKA card. The grand announcement took place at the Plan B Forum in Lugano, Switzerland, during CEO Dejan Roljic's closing speech. NAKA's foray into the world stage is significant, as it represents the first public demonstration of an EMV-compatible blockchain-based payment scheme and its accompanying self-custodial payment card.

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NAKA: The Bridge Between Traditional and Cryptocurrency Payments

What sets NAKA apart is its compatibility with the existing financial infrastructure. The NAKA scheme, built on blockchain technology, seamlessly aligns with the EMV (Europay, Visa, Mastercard) standard, ensuring its compatibility with conventional payment systems worldwide. This innovation opens a clear path toward global cryptocurrency adoption by facilitating the integration of blockchain payments into existing systems. NAKA payment transactions and settlements are executed via smart contracts on the Polygon network, offering user-friendly, rapid, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional payment methods.

Self-Custody: Taking Control of Your Finances

One of NAKA's standout features is the self-custody element, which empowers NAKA cardholders with complete ownership of their funds. This unique feature removes the need for intermediaries when managing their assets. NAKA is redefining financial control and security, ensuring that your money truly belongs to you.

Financial Inclusion: NAKA's Vision for a Better Future

During his speech, NAKA's CEO Dejan Roljic passionately addressed the issue of financial exclusion, especially among the unbanked population. He articulated a vision of NAKA as a pathway to economic freedom, emphasizing the dire consequences of being unbanked, such as limited access to fair salaries, credit, or even basic necessities. His message was clear: NAKA is on a mission to bring about positive change, offering economic freedom to all.

"The unbanked face a bleak future with no prospects of fair earnings, credit, or even a comfortable retirement. NAKA aims to change this, ensuring that everyone has access to financial security," said Dejan Roljic.

Driving Cryptocurrency Adoption in Europe and Beyond

The Plan B Forum extended into a panel discussion, moderated by Joe Nakamoto. Dejan Roljic, along with Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether Foundation, and Luis Pinedo, Head of Product at Bitfinex Pay, discussed how NAKA, Tether, and Bitfinex are leading the charge in cryptocurrency adoption, particularly in Switzerland, the European financial hub, and emerging markets like El Salvador.

First NAKA Cardholders: An Exclusive Experience

As part of their grand unveiling, the NAKA team hosted an impressive showroom experience at Villa Ciani in Lugano during the Plan B Forum. Visitors had the unique opportunity to shop using the NAKA card and witness live NAKA card transactions. A select few were even granted exclusive NAKA cards pre-loaded with USDt, which were accepted throughout the venue and in the City of Lugano.

Partnerships and Opportunities with NAKA

NAKA is actively seeking partnership opportunities. They have distinct programs for Issuers, Acquirers, and Independent Sales Organizations, with the aim of expanding the reach of the NAKA solution to new markets. 

For those interested in becoming a NAKA cardholder, a waitlist is available, and for partnership inquiries, NAKA encourages you to get in touch through their website's partnership form.

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