NAKA Card Launching at Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador


NAKA Card Launching at Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador

NAKA card goes live at Adopting Bitcoin conference in El Salvador, November 7th & 8th, 2023

The NAKA team will sponsor this year's "Adopting Bitcoin" event in San Salvador, El Salvador. The Bitcoin conference is scheduled for November 7th & 8th, 2023, at the Crowne Plaza in San Salvador, El Salvador.

NAKA’s point-of-sale already active in El Salvador

NAKA's point-of-sale system is already operational in El Salvador, actively supporting the adoption of Bitcoin in the country. This includes NAKA's point-of-sale solution, which facilitates Bitcoin, card, and digital payments in both physical and online stores. NAKA's comprehensive payment solutions are already in use at various locations across San Salvador, enabling the nation to make payments with any wallet that supports Bitcoin on Lightning or stablecoins.

NAKA card revolution at Adopting Bitcoin conference 

At the Adopting Bitcoin Conference 2023, NAKA's CEO, Dejan Roljić, will join a select group of speakers to introduce the first self-custody payment card and demonstrate the cutting-edge technology behind it. During his live presentation, the NAKA founder will execute a payment transaction using the NAKA card directly linked to his MetaMask account, emphasizing the decentralized nature of this payment solution with no intermediaries or bank accounts required.

NAKA's booth at Adopting Bitcoin

Visitors to the Bitcoin conference will have the opportunity to meet the NAKA team, engage in discussions about the innovative blockchain-powered payment solution, and personally test card payments at NAKA's booth. Additionally, the team will select a few fortunate individuals who will become the first NAKA cardholders in Latin America, granting them access to the world's unique blockchain payment card.

Join us in San Salvador at the Adopting Bitcoin conference on November 7th and 8th, 2023, and help us spread financial freedom powered by NAKA.