First NAKA Card Transaction Live at Forum Plan B


First NAKA Card Transaction Live at Forum Plan B

Announcing the first NAKA card transaction at Plan ₿ Forum in Switzerland, October 20th & 21st, 2023

The Plan ₿ Forum, taking place in Lugano, Switzerland, will present visitors with a technological advancement in the world of payments, inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto's vision of a peer-to-peer network. During an event speech, NAKA's CEO, Dejan Roljić, will execute the inaugural NAKA transaction, thereby showcasing the potential of pure blockchain technology to the world.

NAKA enabling Bitcoin on Lightning and Tether payments

Since 2022, Lugano has been undergoing a transformation into what is now recognized as the world's leading Bitcoin City. Known as "Lugano's Plan ₿," this initiative is a collaborative endeavor between the City of Lugano and Tether, aimed at expediting the adoption of Bitcoin technology as the foundation for an overhaul of the city's financial infrastructure.

In partnership with Tether and the City of Lugano, NAKA has developed a comprehensive point-of-sale network throughout the city, enabling seamless Bitcoin and Tether transactions across multiple blockchain networks. This user-friendly blockchain-based infrastructure supports cryptocurrency payments for businesses of all sizes, from small merchants to large corporations and public services. The network already comprises of over 400 POS devices

This transformation not only positions Lugano as an attractive destination for both local and international visitors but also as a hub for crypto investors and innovative blockchain projects. Furthermore, it grants local merchants access to a vast customer base of over 420 million cryptocurrency users worldwide.

NAKA showcases its first card transaction during a live speech

At this year's Plan ₿ Forum, NAKA's CEO, Dejan Roljić, will take the stage to introduce the pioneering NAKA mission and its cutting-edge payment technology. During his live presentation, he will demonstrate the first-ever payment transaction using a NAKA card on one of the numerous NAKA POS terminals distributed throughout Lugano.

NAKA has unveiled a revolutionary self-custody payment card that can be linked to a user's MetaMask via the NAKA dApp. Once connected, cardholders can conveniently fund the card with Tether (USDt) either from their MetaMask balance or directly on the Polygon network.

NAKA card distribution at Plan ₿ Forum

During the event, NAKA will distribute NAKA cards to selected participants of the Plan ₿ Forum. The cardholders will have the opportunity to test real-life non-custodial card payments on any of the POS devices throughout the venue, as well as on NAKA POS terminals located in the city of Lugano. 

NAKA will be sponsoring the Plan ₿ Forum event and will showcase its line of payment products at the NAKA booth at Villa Ciani.

Join us at Plan ₿ Forum on October 20th and 21st, 2023, and witness the future of decentralized finances.