NAKA Scheme

The first blockchain-based payment scheme compatible with the payment industry standards.


NAKA’s ecosystem bridges the gap between legacy systems and decentralized solutions in the payments industry. The NAKA scheme leverages blockchain technology to streamline payments while adhering to industry standards and best practices.

We welcome a diverse range of ecosystem participants and offer customizable partnership programs to suit their specific needs.

NAKA Scheme Programs


NAKA Acquirers Program

The NAKA Acquirers Program is giving acquirers access to a much wider payment acceptance as it can tap into previously cash-using customer base and consequentially helping expand merchant portfolio.

All NAKA Scheme communication is performed using industry-standard protocols.

Payment technology providers, issuer processors, acquirers, gateways, crypto exchanges, and crypto custodians can apply to the NAKA Acquirers program.


NAKA Issuers Program

The NAKA Issuers Program empowers various entities to become card issuers, enabling them to offer unique benefits to their client communities.

The NAKA card can be issued as a principal NAKA issuer or we can also facilitate partnership with a selected NAKA issuing partner.



The NAKA ISO program is a simplified Acquirers program where ISO partner offers NAKA acquiring services to their clients through a master acquiring agreement with a selected NAKA acquirer.

ISO (Independent Sales Organizations), Payment facilitators, POS distributors.

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5 FAQs about

NAKA Scheme

What is the NAKA scheme?
The NAKA scheme is a blockchain payment scheme that executes payments using smart contracts, performing both the payment and the settlement simultaneously.
What is a payment scheme?
A payment scheme is a standardized system that dictates how money is transferred between people and businesses. It ensures transactions are secure, efficient, and processed correctly.
Is the NAKA scheme EMV-compatible?
Yes. NAKA scheme is EMV-compatible.
Who can become a NAKA acquirer?
With an acquiring license and principal card scheme memberships, you can settle merchants directly and determine your risk appetite. If you want to be a NAKA merchant acquirer, you have to apply for the NAKA Acquirers Program.

Acquirers must be licensed by local financial regulators to relay transactions. The process of obtaining a NAKA Acquiring License is straightforward and almost mirrors the requirements set by other schemes (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery...).
Who can become a NAKA issuer?
There are two options on how to issue a NAKA card. A company can either become a so-called primary issuer, where the issuing of cards is communicated directly with NAKA. For such issuing you have to apply for the NAKA Issuers Program and need to obtain the NAKA Primary Issuer License.

Another option (more suitable for retail companies or companies without prior experience with issuing) is to issue cards through a NAKA sponsoring issuer. If that is the case NAKA representatives can find the best solution depending on the market where a company wants to issue a card.