Experience true financial freedom with the NAKA card. The first card with the fully decentralized option to give everyone access to financial services.

Pay from your blockchain wallet

Perform card payments directly from your blockchain wallet. No bank account required; The card is compatible with the EMV standard and can be enabled on any POS terminal.

Top-up your card on blockchain

Fund your card using your MetaMask wallet or by directly topping it up with Tether (USDT) on the Polygon network.

Your keys, your coins

NAKA empowers you with total fund control, removing intermediaries and ensuring that you retain full ownership and authority over your assets.

NAKA gives access to everyone

Access to a payment card should be available to all. Our mission is to offer every individual the opportunity to have a funds account and link it with the most widely accepted payment option—the payment card.

NAKA opens the door to digital money

NAKA allows people to switch from using cash to a convenient digital money, safeguarding their earnings against high inflation.

NAKA simplifies remittance

Receive funds 24/7 via blockchain from anywhere in the world directly on your NAKA card, and start spending it instantly, all with nearly zero remittance costs.

NAKA card waitlist

Join the waitlist and become one of the first NAKA cardholders.

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5 FAQs about


What is NAKA card?
NAKA card is a blockchain payment card usable with traditional payment systems that users can connect with their non-custodial wallets. NAKA card utilizes the NAKA scheme - a blockchain payments scheme that executes payments using smart contracts and without any middlemen. NAKA card is EMV-compatible, meaning it can be accepted on any POS terminal across the globe.
Where can I pay with a NAKA card?
NAKA card payments are currently supported at all NAKA locations in Lugano, Switzerland, and San Salvador, El Salvador.
How can I get a NAKA card?
Join the waitlist for new NAKA cardholders here. You will receive the NAKA card once it’s available in your region.
How to top-up the NAKA card?
You can fund your NAKA card through the dApp either by connecting your MetaMask wallet or by directly topping it up with Tether (USDT) on the Polygon network.
Which cryptocurrencies does the NAKA card support?
NAKA card currently supports payments with Tether (USDT) stablecoin on the Polygon network and will support more options in the future.

Activate your NAKA card

Having the NAKA card? Initiate your account activation now and dive into a world of absolute privacy, asset control, waived transaction gas fees, and much more. Your enhanced NAKA experience awaits.