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Delve into NAKA's mission to redefine financial services by harmonizing the strengths of traditional banking with the transformative potential of blockchain technology, fostering a secure, inclusive, and efficient financial landscape.
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“Being unbanked doesn't just mean not having a payment card. It means not having an option to ever get a fair salary or having a credit score. It means you will never obtain a loan. Having your own apartment is just a dream, but worst of all, you can never get old.”
Dejan Roljic


NAKA is on a mission to unify all payment methods by creating an all-in-one solution and enable the merchants to have the ultimate access to the world of simplified, futuristic and frictionless payment options.


Our vision is to build financial tools that give people financial freedom where we focus on building an open and decentralized payment network.

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These licenses serve as a testament to the company's dedication to quality and integrity in its operations.

VASP EU (Slovenia)

SRO PolyReg Switzerland

Bitcoin Licence El Salvador

DASP El Salvador

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NAKA enters the payment network world with a commitment to upholding industry security standards.
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