NAKA Holistic Payments

Experience NAKA's fully customizable all-in-one point-of-sale technology, designed to accommodate both brick-and-mortar and online stores, enabling seamless acceptance of leading card, crypto, and digital payments.

Multiple payment methods in one solution



NAKA's crypto payment network enables integration of any crypto wallet or blockchain for seamless payment processing and ensuring settlement.

Currency-based payments:
Bitcoin on Lightning, Tether on multiple blockchains

Wallet-based payments:
Binance Pay, Wallet, Elly Wallet

Instant crypto or periodical fiat settlements in local currency (zero volatility)



NAKA’s point-of-sale technology enables connectivity with any leading card acquirer, payment application, and payment scheme, including its flagship product, the NAKA card.



NAKA's open infrastructure is compatible with any digital payment system. We currently support the following market-specific services:

WeChat Pay, Alipay, Twint, Alma (BNPL), Flik, mBills, Valú, Innova*, Payconiq* (A2A)

*Coming soon

fits all.

NAKA’s holistic solution is fully customizable and can be integrated into any brick-and-mortar or online store, catering to businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to large corporations.


Integrate NAKA’s technology into any point-of-sale system.

Works on any device

NAKA POS software can be integrated into any Android smart POS device.

Cash register integration

Our API libraries facilitate integration with any cash register system, self-checkout system, or other payment applications.

Tipping feature

Optional paperless flow

Daily statement of accounts

Advanced transaction history

No additional certification

Intuitive interface

Android 7 or higher


NAKA’s eCommerce solution is compatible with all leading eCommerce platforms.

Available plugins for mainstream eCommerce platforms.





Shopify coming soon

Access to APIs for custom integration.


Manager is an online analytical tool empowering merchants with a full overview of all their transactions and settlements through NAKA.

It leverages detailed analytical data and advanced filtering possibilities for business and accounting purposes.


Real-time reporting of all performed transactions.


Simple exports for your accounting.


Detailed overview of all payouts.


Smart analytics for all types of payments.

5 FAQs about

NAKA Payment Solution

Which payment methods are supported on NAKA POS?
NAKA point-of-sale solutions support card, crypto, and digital payments. It supports all leading card payment providers, including the NAKA card; selected digital payment service providers (market specific); and crypto payments powered by NAKA.
Can I activate/deactivate individual payment methods?
NAKA point-of-sale software enables users to activate or deactivate individual payment methods at any given time.
How can I integrate NAKA?
NAKA point-of-sale solutions can be integrated into any Android-based POS terminal, cash register system, softPOS application, eCommerce platform, and more. More information is available here.
How are crypto payments processed?
Crypto payments are processed instantly via a QR code. When the merchant initiates the payment, a QR code is generated. The customer scans the QR code with his preferred wallet, chooses the payment currency, and confirms the transaction. The transaction is confirmed by the POS software and the merchant receives an instant settlement in crypto or a periodical settlement in fiat, depending on his account settings.
How do I track crypto transactions for accounting and tax purposes?
The NAKA point-of-sale solution comes with complimentary access to an online merchant tool called the Manger. Manager provides you with an in-depth analytical overview of all your transactions (card, crypto, and digital) across all store locations and POS devices.