Experience true financial freedom with the NAKA card. The first card with the fully decentralized option to give you full control over your funds.

Pay from your blockchain wallet

Perform card payments directly from your blockchain wallet. The card complies with the EMV standard and can be accepted on any POS terminal.

Top-up your card on blockchain

Fund your card using your MetaMask wallet or by directly topping it up with Tether USDt on the Polygon network.

NAKA card accepted in Lugano stores

Pay with your NAKA card at more than 300 locations in Lugano, including McDonald's, galleries, casinos, and luxury brand stores.

NAKA card waitlist

Join the waitlist and become one of the first NAKA cardholders.

*The wailtist is only eligable for residents of Switzerland. If you want to join the waitlist for other countires, submit your info on this waitlist.

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